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Sustainable Economy and Economic Integration

Cluster Leader: Mr Sia Bik Kai


Our research focuses on contemporary global concerns around international market, and innovation in emerging markets. This research cluster supports several objectives, including the Integration of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and Belt and Road Initiative.




Research Areas / Interests:


1-Sustainable development and early internationalization in emerging market


2-Impact of MNEs on the various dimensions of Sustainable Development


3-Sustainability as a driver for innovation, growth and internationalization in developed vs emerging markets


4-The role of institutions in promoting or constraining sustainable innovation in emerging markets 




Team 1:

Mr Sia Bik Kai (Leader)

Dr Ummu Kolsome Binti Farouk

Ms Lee Hui Shan

Ms. Shafinaz binti Ahmad Nazar

Mr Yee Kim Loi 


Team 2:

Dr Steven Chong Shyue Chuan (Leader)

Dr Kevin Low Lock Teng

Dr Sia Bee Chuan

Dr Mohammad Falahat

Mr Sia Bik Kai




Leading Action Research on Entrepreneurial Sustainability

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