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R&D Activities
Selected External Projects that show CENTS' capabilities in conducting R&D/Industrial Research and Consultancy projects




•A Study on Corporate Involvement In Creating Employees' Awareness and Readiness Towards Retirement Planning (PPA: RM 19,000.00)
•Comprehend the Business Activities of Singaporean SMEs In Iskandar Malaysia and to Uncover Their Perception on The Future Growth In Developing a Long-term Strategy On The Future Of Manufacturing And Services Industries in the Region (RM : 20,000.00)
•Developing A Model For Rapid Internationalization of Young SMEs Exporters (RM : 59,784.00)
•Efficient and Sustainable Management of Non-revenue Water Through Near Real-time Monitoring Utilising Fiber Laser Based Acoustic Sensors And Conventional Instrumentation System Coupled With Data Analytics Processes (RM : 518,000.00)
•Digitalization adoption among companies in MTDC’s Ecosystem (MTDC: RM63,620)
•Market Assessment and Business Analysis: Hardware Retailers In Klang Valley, Malaysia (Newell Rubbermaid: RM 20,000.00)
•Medical Tourists’ Perceived Risks and Their Intention to Revisit Malaysia (RM : 41,500.00)
•The Impact of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) On The Malaysia Economy (RM : 50,000.00)
•The Impact of Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) In Facilitating Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) To Go Global: Challenges and Opportunities  (RM : 14,700.00)
•Assessing Customer Behavior at Johor Bahru City Square Shopping Mall (RM 60,000)
•Survey on Residents' Perception of a Shopping Mall (IKEA&IPC) at South Klang Valley (RM 65,000)
•A Study of Shopping Behavior Patterns and Footfall in Trade Centre Kish Island (RM 10,000)
•A Study on the Productivity Impact of the Electrical and Electronic Industry in Malaysia (RM 197, 326.42)
•A Study of Consumer Behavior and Shopping Patterns at SEMUA House (RM 75,000)
•Market Assessment and Business Analysis: Hardware Retailers In Klang Valley, Malaysia (Newell Rubbermaid: RM 20,000.00)
•Consumer Survey for Johor Bahru City Square Shopping Mall (RM 50,000)
NGO Awareness
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Dr. Thilai
Dr. Lim Chee Seong


Leading Action Research on Entrepreneurial Sustainability

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