Research Clusters

There are numerous challenges and new trends faced by the industry, which requires multi-disciplinary research and collaborations especially in the field of social, environment and economy impact research. Thus, Centre for Entrepreneurial Sustainability (CENTS) is proposed to implement the research strategy and forms alliances with other research centres in different disciplines (e.g., science and technology centres) by providing a platform for collaborations by looking into dimensions of sustainability such as social, environment and economy impact of their research output.

Centre for Entrepreneurial Sustainability (CENTS) has established Six interdisciplinary research clusters designed to enable scholars to better exchange ideas and explore emerging research areas and to work more effectively with industries, other universities and research centers.

These research clusters comprise of teams of researchers from various backgrounds and wide range of disciplines across boundaries to produce and enhance research knowledge on issues of international business, social responsibility, economic, environmental and cultural importance.

Research Clusters / Focus Areas

  • Financial Sustainability and Technology

    Lead by

    Dr.Tee Peck Ling

    This cluster conducts research and provides consultancy service in business planning, financial risk management, fund raising and investment evaluation for entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as large local and multinational corporations. In the new and highly dynamic digitalized business environment, our research and consultancy will recommend solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses with financial technology approaches such as equity crowdfunding, peer-to-peer financing, business analytics etc.

    Key Research Area

    • Digitalisation and Business Sustainability

    • Personal Sustainability and Retirement Planning

    • Sourcing of Finance and Financial Planning

  • Urban Disaster and Risk Reduction

    Lead by Ms Jayamalathi a/p Jayabalan

    This research cluster focused on promoting cooperation and investment in disaster risk management in the public and private sectors. This cluster will strengthen and support contingency planning and provisions for disaster preparedness and response, emergency relief and population evacuation, in particular for people in vulnerable situations, children, older persons and people with disabilities. As such, this cluster conducts research to promote community commitment and SMEs preparedness to adopt sustainable practices in disaster risk planning.

    Key Research Area

    • Disaster Mitigation 

    • Society and Sustainable Living

  • Sustainable Township

    Lead by Dr Komathi a/p Munusamy

    This research cluster research is focused on green township. As such this cluster will collaborate with external parties to develop an integrated plan that gives emphasis to the use and recycling of natural resources and emphasis on the protection of nature while promoting public health and general welfare of the urban people.


    Key Research Area

    • Social and Economic Well-being

  • International Economics

    Lead by

    Mr. Sia Bik Kai

    The Entrepreneurial Economy Cluster focuses on the research between entrepreneurial activities with various economics fields.  The research areas include microeconomics, macroeconomics and monetary economics, international economics, financial economics,  health and education economics, labour and demographic economics, economic development, innovation, technological change, and growth, agricultural and environmental economics, and digital economics.

    Key Research Area

    • Globalization and Economic Integration

    • Emerging Issues in Sustainable Economics

  • Sustainable Tourism

    Lead by

    Dr. Yeong Wai Mun

    The cluster focuses on the area of hospitality and tourism and its niche areas (e.g., medical, education, heritage, etc.) with the inclusion of innovation and digitalization. Highly competitive local and international market for tourist spending and receipts require constant needs in keeping abreast with the latest changes in research and provides consultancies to the relevant parties such as Tourism Board, and businesses in the hospitality industry.


    Key Research Area

    • Medical tourism

    • Tourism Studies

  • Sustainable Real Estate Development & Management

    Lead by

    Dr. Chin Hon Choong

    To promote dynamic linkage between real estate industry stakeholders and academic and to provide innovative solution in addressing challenges surrounding real estate development and management.


    Key Research Area

    • IR 4.0 in Property Development & Construction

    • Sustainable Pathway for Affordable Housing


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