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 Research Clusters

There are numerous challenges and new trends faced by the industry, which requires multi-disciplinary research and collaborations especially in the field of social, environment and economy impact research. Thus, Centre for Entrepreneurial Sustainability (CENTS) is proposed to implement the research strategy and forms alliances with other research centres in different disciplines (e.g., science and technology centres) by providing a platform for collaborations by looking into dimensions of sustainability such as social, environment and economy impact of their research output.

Centre for Entrepreneurial Sustainability (CENTS) has established six interdisciplinary research clusters designed to enable scholars to better exchange ideas and explore emerging research areas and to work more effectively with industries, other universities and research centers.

These research clusters comprise of teams of researchers from various backgrounds and wide range of disciplines across boundaries to produce and enhance research knowledge on issues of international business, social responsibility, economic, environmental and cultural importance.

Research Clusters / Focus Areas


Leading Action Research on Entrepreneurial Sustainability

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