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Bussinessman in Modern Office

Professor T. Ramayah



Faculty: School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Staff No : AA 54088

Grade of Position Professor

Telephone No. (Office): 604-6533888 Ext: 3416

Cell-phone : 012-4845164



Office Address:

School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Minden, 11800 Penang, Malaysia.

List of Collaborations:

Joint Publications/ Research Funding/Workshop/Training: 

1. Research Grant, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS), Ministry of Education Malaysia (MoE), FRGS Project has been completed successfully.

Member of the project:

Falahat (UTAR), Ramayah(USM), Zizah Che Senik (UKM), Melissa Migin (MMU), Steven Chong (TAR UC), Sia Bik Kai (UTAR)


2. Falahat, T. Ramayah, Lee, & Pedro Soto-Acosta (2020). SMEs internationalization: The role of product innovation, market intelligence, pricing and marketing communication capabilities as drivers of SMEs’ international performance. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, (ELSEVIER) (SCI ISI Impact Factor: 5.846)


3. Conducted an online webinar on how to avoid predatory journal publication and how to publish in high impact journal. For UTAR Academic staff, Aug-20, 9:30 am 12:30pm. Through Microsoft Teams


4. Falahat, M., Lee, Y. Y., Ramayah, T., & Soto-Acosta, P. (2020). Modelling the effects of institutional support and international knowledge on competitive capabilities and international performance: Evidence from an emerging economy. Journal of International Management, 26(4), 100779.(SCI ISI Impact Factor: 3.82)



5. Ali Vafaei-Zadeh, T. Ramayah, Haniruzila Hanifah, Sherah Kurnia, & Imran Mahmud (2020). Supply Chain Information Integration and Its Impact on the Operational Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Malaysia. Information & Management, 57(8), (ELSEVIER) (SSCI Impact Factor: 5.155)


6. Mahmud, I., Sultana. S, Rahman. A, T. Ramayah, Tan, C. L. (2020). E-Waste Recycling Intention Paradigm of Small and Medium Electronics Store Managers in Bangladesh: An S-O-R Perspective. Waste Management & Research, 38(12), 1438-1449. (SAGE) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.771)


7. Hassan Nor-Aishah, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, & T. Ramayah (2020). Entrepreneurial Leadership and Sustainable Performance of Manufacturing SMEs in Malaysia: The Contingent Role of Entrepreneurial Bricolage. Sustainability, 12(8), 3100; (MDPI) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.576)


8. Saqib Yaqoob Malik, Yasir Hayat Mughal, Muddasir Hayat Mughal, Cao Yukun, T. Ramayah, & Ghulam Muhammad Kundi (2020). Pathways towards sustainability in organizations: Empirical evidence on the role of green human resource management practices and green intellectual capital. Sustainability, 12(8), 3228; (MDPI) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.576)


9. Hussam Al Halbusi, Pedro Jimenez Estevez, Tan Eleen, T. Ramayah, & Md Uzir Hossain Uzir (2020). The Roles of The Physical Environment, Social Servicescape, Co-Created Value and Customer Satisfaction in Determining Tourists’ Citizenship Behavior: Malaysian Cultural and Creative Industries, Sustainability, 12(8), 3229;  (MDPI) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.576)


10. Abang Azlan Mohamad, T. Ramayah, & May Chiun Lo (2020). Sustainable Knowledge Management and Firm Innovativeness: The Contingent Role of Innovative Culture. Sustainability, 12(17), 6910;


11. Yusliza, M.Y., Amirudin, A., Rahadi, R.A., Nik Sarah Athirah, N.A., Ramayah, T., Muhammad, Z., Dal Mas, F., Massaro, M., Saputra, J., Mokhlis, S. (2020). An Investigation of Pro-Environmental Behaviour and Sustainable Development in Malaysia. Sustainability, 12(17), 7083; (MDPI) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.57


12. Muhammad Imran Qureshi, Nohman Khan, Shazia Qayyum, Subha Malik, Sanil S Hishan, & T. Ramayah (2020). Classifications of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices in ASEAN Region: A Systematic Review and Bibliometric Analysis of the Past Decade of Research. Sustainability, 12(21), 8950; (MDPI) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.576)

13. Karrar Al-Saedia, Mostafa Al-Emran, & T. Ramayah, Eimad Abusham (2020). Developing a general extended UTAUT model for M-payment adoption. Technology in Society. 62, (ELSEVIER) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 2.414)


14. Muhammad Ashraf, Jamil Ahmad, Wareesa Sharif, Arsalan Ali Raza, Muhammad Salman Shabbir, Mazhar Abbas, & T. Ramayah (2020). The Role of Continuous Trust in Usage of Online Product Recommendations. Online Information Review, 44(4), 745-766. (EMERALD) (SSCI ISI Impact Factor: 1.805)



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Leading Action Research on Entrepreneurial Sustainability

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