Meet The Team

Dr. Falahat

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Dr Yeong Wai Mun

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Deputy Chair

Dr Lee Hui Shan

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Mr Raymond Ling Leh Bin

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Meet The Cluster Leaders

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Dr. Tee Peck Ling

Sustainability and Technology

Ms. Jayamalathi a/p Jayabalan

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SMEs Business Sustainability

Mr. Sia Bik Kai

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International Economics

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Dr Komathi a/p Munusamy

Sustainable Township

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Dr. Yeong Wai Mun

Sustainable Tourism

Dr. Chin Hon Choong

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Sustainable Real Estate Development & Management

Dr. Seah Choon Sen

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Digital Entrepreneurship

Meet All Our Members

Centre for Entrepreneurial Sustainabilit


Centre for Entrepreneurial Sustainability (CENTS) formerly known as Centre for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in Business (CSDCSR). CENTS is set up to lead research and conduct R&D activities in the field of entrepreneurial sustainability.

Centre's name

Centre for Entrepreneurial Sustainability (CENTS)


Pusat Pendekatan Keusahawanan Mampan(PPKM)  

Objective 1

To lead practical and impactful research in the domains of entrepreneurial sustainability in order to influence business practices and related policies;

Objective 2

To identify and conduct impactful research related to UN Sustainable Development Goals focusing on social enterprises and improving the quality of societies

Objective 3

To work with the academic community, government agencies, NGOs, and the SMEs, SMIs on wide-ranging research focusing on entrepreneurial sustainability.

Objective 4

To work with business owners and entrepreneurs to identify business issues and provide sustainable solutions.

Objective 5

To identify research and provide R&D activities that are of high importance for nation-building in the area of entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Our Objectives


Leading Action Research on Entrepreneurial Sustainability

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